If avg W/kg data were available and prominent, maybe we'd have fewer fliers on group rides

I see that this request has been posted numerous times over the years but never seems to get addressed, so I’ll throw out a new one in hopes of meeting some sort of critical mass threshold and gaining the developers’ attention.

Judging from the number of grey-haired avatars on Zwift, I know I’m not alone in my difficulty in reading the tiny W/kg. But my poor eyesight aside, there’s only one metric that REALLY matters in the group ride mode: avg. W/kg. The biggest complaint among participants is riders ignoring it. Well – what if half the poor blokes can’t actually see their W/kgs and have no idea their avg?

Currently the only place W/kg is visible is the leader board (which has the teeniest font in the whole interface…) But Zwifting in reading glasses blows. (Seriously. The sweat, they fall down your nose. And not a good look.) It would be fantastic if–while in group ride mode–the rider’s AVERAGE w/kg were the LARGE metric onscreen in the upper left corner in the interface or on Mobile Link.

Bonus: it begins flashing red if the rider is exceeding the advertised avg. W/kg of the ride. Knowledge is power!

If we can’t have this, maybe we could get some reading glasses in the rider customization array? :slight_smile:

Yeah when I use Zwift on my Laptop I can’t read the w/kg. I struggle but can make it out when I use my 22" monitor. It should be up there with the speed and heart rate data.

and the moving average should be adjusted to stabilise the measurement.

When you do a group ride you should not look at your w/kg you should be following the leader.

The leader is holding a specific pace so your eyes should be locked on that yellow beacon. 

If you are in front of the leader then slow down, if you are behind then speed up.

Gerrie, appreciate your comment but as a very long time Zwifter, I’ll emphatically state that is not a solution. I cannot even begin to count how many rides I have been on where the leader is creating or exacerbating the problem. There are a great many rider leaders who ride the ride they want to ride and do not even pretend to hold a specific pace. They constantly surge well over the advertised pace and leave participants in their wakes – despite multiple complaints in-ride. Other ride leaders cannot seem to help themselves and feel they must chase down the fliers to get in front of them, in a futile attempt to slow them down (but which only makes them feel emboldened to ride even faster), hence creating the exact same problem. If I wanted to lock my eyes on the beacon,I’d have to hang with it first. And if I wanted to chase the leader at 3.0 on a 1.5 ride, I’d have signed up for a race…  

Yes ride leaders should keep with the pace and I hope that most of them try to do that. But the pace will be different for every rider.  If the ride leader weigh 100kg and lead a ride that is 1.5w/kg a rider at 70kg will have to maintain 1.74w/kg to maintain the same speed on a 1% grade.

So it will only make sense for the Ride leader to have something like that.

I personally would like if Zwift remove the w/kg for the screen. For instance you know that if you weigh 70kg then 140w is 2w/kg


Your point gets to the heart of the issue about the best way to categorize group rides and races.  It seems like it would be easier to tell what the intensity of the ride will be based on the FTP in watts vs w/kg.  That way, you will have an idea how many watts you need to maintain to hold with the group and the likely intensity.  This is a larger issue for lighter riders (men and women).  If I need to hold 230 in a race and my FTP is 200, there is not much point in joining that race.  Or for a group ride at 175 if I can only comfortably maintain 150.

It might reduce the number of people who cat down which seems to exacerbate the issue.  It would help even more if the rider is automatically categorized based on FTP in watts (not w/kg), which Zwift has data for.

Lisa: Yes w/kg is not perfect but it is a good point to start at. It look like we will soon have point categories for races so no need for w/kg in them.

For group rides it may help to give the estimated w/kg and the estimated (power) watt of the ride leader. the thing is rides are planned in advance and if the leader change the the description is incorrect. 

But that mean people will have to read the ride description.

For the rides that I lead we state 2w/kg - 2.5w/kg I keep at 2w/kg so that lighter riders don’t need to exceed 2.5w/kg.






Gerrie, what are point categories?

What you describe happens to me all the time. I am 53 kg and I have to fight to keep from being dropped in many group rides, especially on the downhill segments, even while producing more than the w/kg advertised for that ride. Very frustrating.

Hi Lisa, 

If you look at zwift power they started to rank riders and give points.

I can imagine it can be hard at 53kg, I would suggest doing rides with lower w/kg requirements.