Identifying riders who cannot fully communicate because they are on rollers

(Henry Tambor) #1

How about giving riders a helmet or jersey choice that clearly identifies the rider as unable to fully communicate? I’ve been avoiding my rollers because I can’t fully communicate with the many people from around the world I have already gotten to know on Zwift. Normally I send and respond to messages and I don’t want to appear rude by not responding to messages. Hey, I just don’t have the skill level to type a message while balancing.

(Allan Watkins) #2

Something by the riders name would be more reasonable, I’m not going to see someones Jersey if they are sending a message from 1km away or whatever the upper message distance limit is.

(Henry Tambor) #3

Good point, Allan. I hadn’t thought of that. Just to be clear about your point, and please correct me if I’m wrong, it would be better if there was a symbol by my name because if I’m not in the close vicinity of the message sender s/he won’t see my jersey. Yes, this would be an improvement over my suggestion.

(Steve Paulson) #4

I posted this too a few days ago. Someone kept talking to me and I couldn’t reply because I was running the game on my Laptop on a table out in front of my bike, I had to access to the keyboard and the person kept asking me questions and I had no way to respond without stopping and getting off the bike. I think the person thinks I’m a rude jerk now, unfortunately, but I was just in a groove and didn’t want to stop and get off to say I can’t type.

(Allan Watkins) #5

Right - just a little symbol just like the lightning bolt designating they are a power meter user. Like an option you can click when starting a ride saying “DND” / “Rollers” / “Free to chat”.

(Ron Skinner) #6

I can not type on a normal trainer really, the keyboard is too far away if I am riding in a normal mode, seems odd to me how those people do it!

(Andrew Williams) #7

A few years ago I taught myself to type on the rollers. At first it’s scary but eventually it becomes about the same as typing on the trainer.

(Rob Toeppner) #8

Not just rollers. My laptop is just out of reach while riding.

(Francois Poirier) #9

Could be something as simple as a mute icon next to the person’s name.