I want to connect my IPad and PC to Zwift at the same time.

I want to connect my IPad and PC to Zwift at the same time.  I have read that all I need it do is make sure they are both on the same network.  It’s not working for me.  When I start my ride using my PC and then start a ride on my IPad, I am on two separate rides in two separate locations.  Any ideas?

You’ll run the Zwift game on your PC, and Zwift Mobile Link on your iPad. 

Thought I saw a YouTube video where a guy was running the Zwift Game on both.  Seemed like his Avatar was duplicated on both the IPad and PC.  That’s what I’m trying to do.  When I open the game on both, they aren’t synced.

Hi Brent,

You cannot log in to two different platforms at once. At some point, you will be force logged-off since the server is detecting two instances trying to write to the same place. Your only option if you want to see it on more than one device to use some kind of program to mirror your main instance to the second device.

Brent: you can use two different Zwift accounts/subscriptions to log into the game on two different devices. Let’s call them the A account and the B account. You could run the game on a PC and log into the A account and pedal and control the A rider. At the same time you could run the game on your iPad and log into the B account, and from the B account, you could “Just Watch” the A rider on your iPad. That could be useful in making something for YouTube, but I don’t see a practical purpose for the normal Zwifter.


Thank you all for the input!


Like others have said you would run the Zwift app on your PC and the Zwift Mobile Link on you iPad. 

Not sure what you would try to accomplish with mirroring what is happening on your PC on you iPad.

I have an Ant+ Powermeter and Heartrate Monitor that are connected through my PC. My Kickr is connected through bluetooth with the IPad . The problem is when I mirror my IPad on my TV, I can’t see my powermeter and heartrate on the Big Screen. Make sense now? Currently I have to link everything to my Laptop and then mirror my laptop to the Tv through HDMI. Trying to go wireless.

Brent: I’m reading that you do not want to have your PC (laptop) generating your Zwift in-game display because it requires an HDMI cable to get you your big screen, and you don’t want the HDMI wire.

In that scenario, I’d take the PC/laptop completely out of the process, and run the game on the iPad. Your KICKR will connect to the iPad and provide “Power Source” and “Controllable Trainer” devices.

For heart rate, one option is to get a dual ANT+ & Bluetooth heart rate monitor. And if you want to use your power meter instead of the KICKR for the power readings, you may be able to get an adapter from your power meter company (e.g., PowerTap) that provides both Bluetooth and ANT+.

Another option to use your present ANT+ devices with the iPad is to get a CABLE device ( C onnect  A NT+ to B luetooth L ow E nergy). That device will take your ANT+ signals and rebroadcast them as Bluetooth that your iPad can read. Read more at npe-inc.com/cableinfo/ .

You cannot run the Zwift app on 2 devices and have it work the way you are asking. You would use the Zwift app on one device and the Zwift Mobile Link on your iPad or iPhone.

If you need your ANT+ devices to connect to your iPad you will need a Lightning to 30 pin adapter and the Wahoo ANT+ key.