I want to be able to use the gears on my bike

So the basic question – you change to harder gear and maintain the same cadence, and you’re saying the watts shown stays the same?

Grasping at straws, but are your height and weight set correctly in Zwift, and have you performed a spindown calibration on your Kickr?


What I would like to happen would be a you shift to bigger gears the bike is harder to pedal. This would be like in the real world when you are out for a ride. In the biggest gear on your bike it should take more effort to complete each cadence.

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So when you change to a harder gear now and keep the cadence the same does the power remain constant?

if so it sounds like something else is keeping your trainer at a certain wattage - a bike computer or app on a phone or tablet.


I did do a couple a calibration test on my Wahoo Kickr. It is a 2017 model and I am starting to wonder if that may be the problem. I did check my height and weight and that is correct. I will get a couple more ride this weekend and see what I can find. Thanks for your help.


Gerrie I will try that this weekend. The only thing I don’t know how to do is link a strava activity.
Thanks for the help. How do you send the link to your Strava activity?

a screen shot of the activity from the companion app would probably be enough to see if the resistance is changing

I’m curious if you have updated the firmware? However, the 2017 Kickr hasn’t had an update since Oct. 2018, so I assume you are on the most current version.

Also, I don’t think you ever answered how you are connecting, bluetooth or ant+? If using ant+ make sure you choose the FE-C option in the pairing screen.

Mike I believe all my connections are blue tooth. I use my Ipad to run Zwift and I don’t have an Ant+ dongle. I don’t see how anything could connect other than blue tooth. Thanks

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I tried to post a link to my last ride but it seemed to give anyone complete access to my Stave account. so I took it down.

From this screenshot, would you say that the resistance is changing?

power seems to go up and down in line with gradient.

It would be better to do a test as Gerrie suggested on the flat, keeping the cadence the same and changing gears every few minutes

This thread is intriguing because i have the same model trainer, am running on an iPad and just posted on a bug thread about encountering resistance oddities in the past 6 months or so.

What happens if you just ride a Wahoo workout without any connection to zwift so that the trainer is just connected to the Wahoo app?

When I have done a strictly Wahoo workout you the gears don’t do anything. The way I did it you pull up the Wahoo app screen and just set the wattage. You can move the wattage up and down during the workout. I really don’t use the Wahoo workouts because I get tired of just looking at the time and watts on the screen.

If you pick a flat part of a course get to a steady cadence, see what wattage you’re doing change to a harder gear, do the same cadence and so what the wattage is, then change to an easy gear, again do the same cadence and see what wattage you’re doing.

If the wattage stays the same for all three something is very wrong.

Also are you able to take a screenshot of your pairing screen once everything is paired just so we can rule anything out there.

I’d really like to get to the bottom of this as it is intriguing me!

So how do I post a Strava segment on the forums?

I don’t use Strava so not sure, is there not a share option in Strava where you can copy a link?

I have never done a wahoo workout. I just opened up the wahoo app, connected the trainer to it, started a workout and then increase the resistance or grade to see what the trainer does? I wanted to see if the wahoo was adding resistance like it was supposed to.

Hopefully this screenshot will work. The first 10 minutes I rode in the biggest gear. From the 10 minute mark to the 20 minute mark I dropped down 5 gears. At the 20 minute mark I went back to the biggest gear. At 45 minutes I dropped back down 5 gears. Thanks for the help. The orange line is cadence and the blue grey lines are power.

That graph is exactly what I was expecting. The power drop if you use smaller gears.