I stop pedalling on descents but avatar starts doing crazy RPM and wont supertuck

On descents i will stop pedalling to go into supertuck but my avatar starts showing 120 RPM and wont supertuck. I have really reliable Assioma Duo Pedals, connected to a new Kickr Core, pedals all updated, Core is only 3 weeks old. Anyone experienced this before?

Hi @_gracemith, welcome to the forums.

Do you use the core for cadence or the assioma pedals? I’ve experienced crazy high cadence readings on my core as well when going downhill and the fly wheel gets spun up really fast, however, I can still get into a supertuck if I stop pedaling.

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My pedals have stopped connecting for some reason the past 24 hours so i used the core for cadence and thats causing the issue as its crazy high RPM on descents and wont supertuck

Cadence doesn’t prevent supertuck I don’t believe? Is there still a power reading showing as well as the high cadence?