Can no longer get into super tuck

(E Kotlarsky (C)) #1

It’s been about one week? I never had an issue with this but can’t figure out why this is no longer activating. Even if I am going like 75kmh at a grade of minus 7 and stop pedaling for 10 seconds it still will not go into Super tuck. Has anyone had this issue and where you able to fix it.

(Daren) #2

Did you swap to the TT bike? I don’t know for sure, but I’d assume there’s no “supertuck” animation for that.

(E Kotlarsky (C)) #3

No have been using a Tarnac for awhile. Yesterday I changed to a Cervelo to see if it would help. No change. Currently using Zipp 808

(Aaron Zwanzig [DIRT]) #4

Do you have a cadence meter paired? Did both cadence and power drop to zero when you stopped pedaling?

(E Kotlarsky (C)) #5

Good question. Will be doing stage 5 tomorrow and will keep an eye on that. Thanks and I will let you know.

(E Kotlarsky (C)) #6

So during the stage I was going above 70kmh and the grade was around minus 10. I stopped pedaling for about 10 seconds. Cadence went to zero but power never went below 50. Now I need to figure out why it did not go to zero for my watts output. Using a Kickr.

(Aaron Zwanzig [DIRT]) #7

Hmmmm, puzzling.

Do you cut the power to the Kickr between sessions? Have you performed a spindown recently? What platform are you using and how do you pair the Kickr?

Edit1: Did you happen to be doing and/or finish a workout immediately prior to trying to get into the supertuck position?

Edit2: Nevermind about Edit1… you said you were doing Stage 5.