I need an invoice with Tax ID/ Vat ID

I bought a Zwift Hub, and for accounting purposes, I need an Invoice with Vat ID/Tax ID.
After reaching to support, they say they couldn’t do it.

I can’t imagine a company working worldwide and not being able to satisfy such a basic request.
I’d love to use Zwift for training, but unless this issue is solved, I’ll have to cancel my order.

So I’d like to ask if there’s ANY way to get an invoice for my purchase with the VAT ID/Tax ID.

Thank you

Hi @Carlos_Ferreira4, welcome to the forums.

99.99% of the users on this forum are just Zwift users like yourself. I don’t think we will be able to help you unfortunately. Contacting Zwift support is the best avenue.

Out of curiosity, why do you need their tax ID number? Are you buying this for an organization/business?

Hey @Mike_Rowe1, yes, I’m buying this on behalf of an organization and unless I have an invoice with a tax ID number on it, I can’t purchase.

I already reached out to support and they say then can’t do it, and I don’t understand why because I made purchases to other tech companies and this was never a problem.

Given that I made the purchase on th EU site, I find it even harder to believe they can’t satisfy this request.

Well I don’t know why they wouldn’t share that, it is pretty common for businesses to request it from suppliers. Maybe @shooj can help?

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I’m not sure if this is going to work:-

Did you order the Zwift Hub through your Zwift account. If so have you logged into your account at Zwift.com and checked your orders account.

There used to be a problem with monthly subscription VAT invoices and Zwift said the same ‘no can do’ but they do now provide monthly VAT invoices on individuals accounts ( or they certainly do on mine ).

From memory, in the UK you would need to be charging VAT on the services that you use the product for… Not that many bike services that use a turbo would incur VAT?

Though its been an absolute age since I needed to look at anything like that (thankfully)

It might be more that Zwift can’t accommodate a request to do a custom invoice that has the VAT/TAX ID imprinted on it. Not sure just being told what the ID# would suffice for the OP.

Surely it is typically a legal requirement that an invoice/receipt containing the VAT ID and the amounts of VAT paid be provided in any VATable transaction. (It certainly is for instance in Finland and Denmark, anyway.) So the real question is, why would you have to specifically request such a thing in the first place instead of just getting one by default.

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Hi @Carlos_Ferreira4 welcome to Zwift forum.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I see your conversation with my colleagues via email. I’ve asked one my coworkers to follow up with you via email. We do not handle questions about your order on this public forum to protect your privacy.

The Zwift Shop is set up for direct sales to consumers (D2C), so our invoice does not note your VAT ID as would be required for a business to business (B2B) transaction. Zwift is not set up for B2B sales at this time, so this is why a custom invoice is not possible.

As noted - you’ll receive an email with a suggestion for a manual workaround if you’re looking for a way to be reimbursed by your employer. Hope that works for you!

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Ah yes, B2B transactions are something else, there the normal procedure would be to sell the goods at 0% VAT (and buyer must provide their VAT ID) unless it is inside the same country.

In my case I don’t even need a 0% VAT, just the Tax ID number on the address field would suffice.
It’s mostly to show accounting that the value that was used to pay the Zwift hub was actually to purchase the Zwift hub and not some random purchase with the same amount.

Hi Everyone,

I have the same request as @Carlos_Ferreira4.

I just need an invoice to present since they don’t accept a printscreen from the website.

Can someone help me?