PDF Receipts

This isn’t an exciting feature request but it seems pretty standard for a paid service.

I’d like the ability to have/print off an official receipt for my payment. This receipt could then be submitted to health plans for reimbursement, kept for personal records, etc. Without any official receipt of payment, there’s no fallback for verifying any information and claims can’t be submitted! Help us out here Zwift, it’s a super standard and simple request! Build it into a sprint and get it done :slight_smile:

100% agree with this. can we get this feature implemented ASAP. i can see that there are many requests to have this. it does seem strange that out of all the Online training services the biggest one (Zwift) doesn’t have this feature that all others seem to have.


Need receipt for reimbursement claims!

+1 for PDF receipts! :+1:

Agree as well!