No official receipt sent

On any online purchase I have ever made, the merchant has always sent an official receipt via email. I have started my monthly subscription with zwift and was pleasantly surprised that I did not receive any receipt. I asked customer support and she just pointed me to a part of the website where it says that Ive paid up but this is not an official receipt. I need a receipt because I have to claim this on my companys health spending benefit. Im just surprised no one ever bought this up.

Never been an issue for me. I just use a credit card statement. Or, if it’s a time I’m using an iTunes subscription I actually do get a receipt (from Apple).

Indeed, this is standard operating procedure.

Requested at least since December 2017:

and renewed last year:

It’s a simple financial courtesy of the business to provide this, and not require the customer to sort through their personal credit card details to substantiate the expense.

I know this is not an exciting feature however, I dealt with NO company that does not give receipts for their transactions. This speaks volumes about what goes on at the backend. With more and more people turning to virtual apps for training, Zwift, since you are planning on going for an IPO you may want to check the business practices. I dont know about others but I need my receipts. Thank you.

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Agreed, this makes no sense. I too can get reimbursed from my employer for Zwift membership, but not without a valid legal receipt.

A screenshot of my credit card transactions is not a valid legal receipt!

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