Receipt Generator

(C Ross's Bike Works) #1

My company has a gym reimbursement program. Those who qualify can have some of their membership fees paid for each year. Zwift would qualify under a spin membership however we need a proper receipt to submit. 

A receipt generator could be setup to automatically generate a form that could submitted. Some of our local gyms already have these. The form needs to be on company letterhead. Has to have the customers name and address, it has to have a monthly breakdown of fees paid and show that the individual has an active account. This could be emailed out to the account holder so they can print or submit it electronically to their company.

Currently the info that we see in Zwift doesn’t have all the requirements and when I requested a more detailed receipt I was turned down. The advantage for Zwift is if more customers can get a portion of their memberships paid for they’d be more likely to keep them active all year round.



(Adam Steineke TT1) #2

I’d like this too.

(anne fontanille) #3

I need a receipt for my company too. TrainerRoad is providing bills on demand by email. Can we have the same pdf receipt please?

(Gordon Gunnarsson) #4

I´d like to have a receipt as well. Starting from now if possible.


(Lena Norberg) #5

Same here. 

(Ben Saunders) #6

Me too!

(Andrew Powell) #7

I also need a receipt for my subscription! I can’t get reimbursed without it.

(Muriel VDMEULEN #EFDV) #8

Me too.