Easy invoice for health fitness reimbursement


I’d love to see a feature in the Account section to be able to easily download my account invoice information so that I can submit it for reimbursement against my company’s health fitness benefit.  In order to do this, I need something that shows dates I was charged, the amount charged and the service for which I was being charged (something like “Zwift cycling fitness membership”).  Provider(ie. Zwift) information is also usually asked for. Some basic provider info like name, address or something similar/appropriate.   


I think this feature would be beneficial to many customers as more and more health plans are providing a benefit and option for fitness reimbursement (the old school traditional version of this was a health club membership).

Hoping to see this in the near future.   Love the service.  Game changing.  


Agreed. Search “receipt” in the FAQ. It seems like a feature like this might be in the works.