Printable Summary of YTD Stats for Employee Reimbursment

I think this is a feature many people would find very useful and may even increase membership if implemented. I am requesting that Zwift create or explore a feature where a member can print off their year to date stats summary. This would allow individuals who’s employer offers a health reimbursement plan to be reimbursed for Zwift memberships. Most employee reimbursement programs require an employee to print off their gym log for the year to ensure they reach a quota determined by the insurer. If Zwift could provide a similar feature I think it would be enjoyed by many.

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That would have been wonderful when I could take advantage of this!!

What a great idea… wish I thought of it. This would be awesome and would be a benefit to Zwift if more people know that they could get reimbursed from their work. Mine said they would but then need a print off of proof that I was using the app and that I am paying for it.

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Fully agree if Zwift could do it.

But you would hope most sensible companies would accept your year on year Home Zwift Activity summary and copy of your bank statements x 12 (if necessary).

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just import your strava into veloviwer and you can get an annual summary jpeg