Sell my Zwift Hub


I want to sell my Zwift Hub (I was happy with the hub, but it has been replaced by a Stages SB20)
How can I transfer the Hub to somebody else his account (for the warranty)?
Where can I download the invoice?

Thx in advance


not sure the warranty would transfer to the new owner, many companies have the warranty only available for the the initial purchaser

When I read:

This Limited Warranty is extended to any party who owns the product from a time period of 1 year in the US, 2 years in UK and EU (check local warranty periods for exact period in individual EU countries) from the original owner’s purchase. It does not apply to any Product purchased outside these countries.

/zwift-policy-for-warranty-returns-and-repairs page on the www (can’t paste url’s in the message)

I understand that ‘any party’ who owns the hub can use the warranty for 2 years (because we are in the EU) from the original owner’s purchase.

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Not sure if this will work as I have not bought anything (other than membership) from Zwift. I take it you bought the Hub through your Zwift account.

Login to your account.
Click on Account
You should see Orders & Billing

Hopefully that option might let you view and print your Hub invoice.

If not just check it is not under the Membership option.

thx Ian

I checked those (and I see my orders like the runpod, hub and Training mat) , but there is no way to print/view the invoice.


Invoice received from Zwift Support