Buying a used zwift hub one [March 06,2024]

Good morning. I’m thinking about buying a used ZWIFT HUB ONE. the guy only used it around 5 times because indoor riding isn’t for him. if I buy it used, will 1. the membership pass to me 2. will future support be available to me. I see that it is being discontinued.


A great many trainers that people use with Zwift were discontinued some time back, and they still work fine with Zwift.

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Membership is for a person, not the trainer. You’d need to buy your own.

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Welcome to Forums @carlos_carey. I trust you’re having a great day. This is Juan from Zwift. You’ve raised interesting questions here. Let’s go through one by one.

Zwift memberships can’t be transferred. The Zwift account that is logged in at the time of purchase will be the account that receives the membership.

We’re continuing to support anyone who bought Zwift Hub One. Owners will continue to receive firmware updates and improvements to maintain a fantastic Zwift experience. All existing warranties also remain valid.

If you need support, please reach out.

thanks for replying. so if I get the zwift membership, it will update on the hub one and then I start getting updates, etc.? again, thanks.

If you’re talking about the trainer firmware updates, you don’t need a subscription for that.