"I did it" but in simulation mode

I would ask your opignion about following suggestion:

I would like to have a second option with the " I did it" feature. Not outdoor but in simulation mode. As many of you Zwifter have demanded to put some more interactiv features in workout mode, Zwift just doesn’t want to bring you in contraticted situation (workout requirement vs. simulated road situation). I think thats the reason why Zwift can’t respond to this request. But long epic endurance workouts will still feel very annoying, even if they are the best you can do for your fitness. So why not asking Zwift to put this second feature in: “I did it in simulation mode”. This would give you full controll over the “workout” (okay you have to check the blocks from the workout and rember them, but long endurance workouts are usually simple strucured). And with smart Zwift coder, the feature will ask you to select your “free ride” you want to link with the workout. The feature checks if the ride fits with the workout and give you some extra points… (I ride with Elite Tuo and Rizer)