I changed my email password and zwift noticed?

It was unclear when I was signing up if I had to use the same password as on the email account I was using to sign up.  I think it seemed like it had to be the same one.  I then changed my email password, and I was surprised to see Zwift noticed, it said my password was no longer working.  I then said I’d forgotten my password and make a new password for Zwift, and then I noticed some problems like not being able to join group rides.  I’m not sure if that is related.

So what is the deal?  Do I have to use the same password for Zwift and my email?


If you’re getting past the login screen on Zwift start-up, you are ready to go. 

Once you are logged in, your password has no bearing on joining groups.

Try logging back into Zwift and join another group, see if the problem persists.

Zwift definitely doesn’t require you to use the same password as your email address; that would be a huge security hazard, and we’re very careful about protecting your privacy. As a general Internet safety rule, you shouldn’t use the same password for multiple sites/services, and I would recommend changing your email password if it’s the same one you have for Zwift.

Any issues with not being able to see or join group rides is going to be Internet related. It looks like you’re using an Apple TV, so you may be affected by a new issue we’re still working to fix. See this article for details: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003698391-Apple-TV-Doesn-t-Reconnect-to-WiFi-after-Sleep