I can't see my position in any event

Hi Zwift users,

I can’t see my position in any event, I don’t know if I have to configure any option because 2 weeks ago I sI did see my position in events.


Hello @Javier_Islas, welcome to the forums.

Not all rides will have results, mostly only the races. Sometimes even the races don’t have results on Zwift and you need to look at zwiftpower.com. see description and race rules.

This is from the NCNCA gold rush race

Thanks very much, but I refer I can’t see my position when I am running in an event, I only can see the time of others cyclin (+ or -) relative to me.

I hope you can help me, thanks.

Are you in an event like a group ride or race in this screen shot? I doesn’t appear that you are. If you are just choosing a route and free riding then there are no positions. You need to join an event or race to see that type of information on the screen.