I bought Wahoo Kickr, should I pause or cancel my actual subscription to use the 1 year voucher?

Hi, I’m using Windows I’m not sure what to do - pause or cancel?
I’m guessing pause won’t do it as Zwift will re-debit a month later, but it’s unclear.
TIA, Trevor

Take a look at this support document and see if it answers your questions


if it’s anything like the free month i got with my saris it will just credit your account and you won’t be billed until again the voucher has expired. i didn’t pause or cancel anything, it shouldn’t be necessary unless the terms of the voucher specifically tell you “only valid on a new account” or something like that

Welcome to Forums @Trevor_Holdsworth_AS. It’s Juan here from Zwift. Thanks for sharing your query here to get suggestions from our community.

You don’t need to cancel or pause your membership to redeem your code, you can switch your membership type. As Paul suggested, please follow the steps listed in the article. If you need help, or have further questions, feel free to contact us. My colleagues will be delighted to help. Ride On.