Hub One rocks on level floor

My Hub One currently sits on a pad on carpet and seemed fine until I moved it to hard flooring and noticed it rocks. The floor is level (or at least even) and I tried on a couple hard surfaces with the same observation.

There’s about 1cm of variance and a bubble level confirms my suspicion. Sure, I can shim it, but feel this should be engineered to be level and that there might be some torsion on the hub itself. The legs appear to be straight and are tight against the Hub mounts.

It’s this normal? Should I worry about the impact to either the Hub or my bike? If it rocks a bit white the bike is otherwise stationary, I worry about strain on the frame.

There have been some similar reports about leaning trainers. You should probably contact support and see what they say.

Thanks. Yeah, I saw those - some with some pretty gnarly pictures - but this seemed different enough. Maybe not. I’ll contact support after the new year.