Bike sits crooked on the swift hub

My Aethos sits crooked in the swift hub. The ground is level, even tried it at other places in my room. There is also some play with the axle/adapters. It’s annoying, not really happy with this purchase, is there a solution. My other bike sits crooked as well, may less but I can’t really measure it. It rides oke but I’m wondering what I might damage (bike) if I would continue.

Help is much appreciated, else it will go back.

Is the axle bent or something?

No alxe is solid, tried it with another one. Same result.

Does it look crooked when you’re off the bike looking at it or just feel crooked when you sit on it? Asking because my bike feels crooked when I sit on it but that’s because I sit crooked on it.

Contact Zwift support before sending it back. If the thru-axle is fully threaded into the frame, it’s hard to imagine how it could sit crooked on the trainer unless the trainer itself is not straight.

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Both. It’s very obvious. I’ll recheck the base and floor as well. But earlier all was level.

Could you post some photos?

There have been some reports of misthreaded/misinstalled axle adaptors causing issues so that’s something to consider.

Echoing Paul though, if the bike is actually installed with the thru-axle properly engaging the frame on the drive side, AND the gears themselves are indexing correctly, I’m having a hard time imagining any issue. Maybe it’s an optical illusion but it’s hard to tell without seeing it.


Totally agreed with the statements. It’s dark now here so photos are difficult with artificial light. Looks like there is too much play in the axle adapters. I’ll check everything tomorrow if it’s level etc.

Some photos, I also send this to Zwift service support. To me this is not acceptable. Not when I’m having a 8000e bike on it. Maybe It me, but then it is what it is. The flywheel seems to sit crooked on the axle (so the axle is not straight or the frame itself). Floor is level. Also measuring axle side (difference is smaller due to shorter distance) but one side is 34,5cm on the other 34,9cm give or take - which is a lot when multiplied when you take the bike height in account.

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Seems like a manufacturing defect. My guess is they will send you a new trainer if it can’t be resolved. That kind of problem should not be tolerated or worked around in a new product.

Is it possible that one, or more, of the ‘feet’ is on upside down?

The paint on the legs makes it pretty clear for install, looks correct per the pics he posted. If everything is flush where the base and feet are installed then it might be a manufacturer defect.

Dude! No all is correct. Even changed around the feet to see if it would make any difference. All feet are same thickness.

I don’t mean the legs themselves, though. It looks like each each has a rubber ‘foot’ at each end, and that these differ in height from top to bottom. I am wondering if one of those might have been installed upside down.

I remember the CycleOps trainers where the feet varied in thickness and you could rotate them to the correct point so that the trainer wouldn’t rock on uneven floors.

Just wanted to check, since the feet can’t actually be seen in the photos.

If that were the problem, why would the base appear level?

Sure. No all is set as normal. It’s the axle, flywheel sits crooked. The amount is too much not to go unnoticed. Or the adapters are faulty but can’t imagine as again the flywheel sits crooked as well.

The photos of the legs only appear to be showing that the floor is level, at least as I see them.

Indeed, and the photos are also framed so that it is difficult to say anything very useful about the problem, apart from the trainer (the moving parts anyway) clearly being tilted to the one side. Something with the rubber feet (or something stuck to the underside of one of them) would be my first guess as well.

Yes. Sure. Because I like to not represent what it actually is and like to waste your time here. Thanks for the input. Nothing is framed.

Thank you so much for your help.