Hub One not engaging the flywheel?

Hey, so I bought the Zwift hub one for Christmas - been using it without issue for a week now - but hopped on today for a recovery ride and there is no resistance or engagement with the flywheel. The pedals fly around, but not the wheel! I tried deleting the app off the iPad, re connecting the hub, checking firmware. Powered off for way over 30 seconds…not sure what else to try. Please advise!

Contact Zwift support. Persist with the chat bot until it lets you submit a support case. Don’t give up before it does.

Thanks Paul,
By not giving up I think my question has been raised to a Zwift Ambassador? Is that right - sorry I’m real new to bot based support!

A Zwift Ambassador is a random person who doesn’t work for Zwift who has been assigned to answer your question, but there’s a reasonable chance they may assign your request to staff. They can do that, though they probably can’t send you a trainer without escalating the request.

I have the same issue, but the zwift support does not answer me.

I kept plugging away at the support chat, and it got elevated to a human after a day or so. I sent a bunch of pictures in and they eventually sent a replacement part as the internals were damaged.

Try taking the hub off there as there was excess grease in the inside pawls. Remove this excess grease and it should engage properly.

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