Huawei P30 Pro to tacx trainer connectivity

Hi people,
I’m brand new to this and I’m looking to pair zwift to my tacx flow Bluetooth trainer. Once connected I am going to screen share to my TV.
Can this be done?
Looking forward to getting into the Zwift community👍

Hi Allan:

You can mirror your phone screen to your TV. Zwift does not have a cast button, so you need to use your phone screen mirror option.

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Hi Gerrie, was trying also to connect my zwift phone app to my trainer via Bluetooth but wouldn’t connect. Shouldn’t have a problem with the screen mirror once the trainer connects to zwift :+1:

Hi @Allan_Stewart

Welcome to Zwift Forums. Here’s a useful article on connecting Zwift to your trainer on

A common error is connecting the trainer’s Bluetooth signal to the tablet’s operating system in the way that you’d connect a Bluetooth headset. If you have done that - “forget” the trainer from your list of stored devices.

Once that’s done, start the Zwift game app, log in, and when you’re prompted to connect to the trainer, it should show up as an option.