Huawei p20 pro

The app on my new phone virtually worked out of the box (OK app store), I did not use it extensively but all the aspects appeared to work. Not bad at all for a product that is not in release stage yet. I paired my neo immediately and it found my mio HRM no problem, it however did not find my Garmon? Cadence sensor. It does not appear to support ant+ and I was wondering if that was the issue?

I tried the Zwift Android app for the first time today and I am impressed so far. All bits of kit connected well, with the exception of my Onlyesh Bike Speed Cadence Sensor, which I confirmed was working via my Garmin watch. It worked perfectly on my laptop ride this morning via the Android companion app

Having used the app a bit more it does not seem to be controlling the turbo trainer power, and my cadence sensor worked OK this morning but my heart rate strap would not pair. I tested they were all working as expected using another app.

I’ve just had exactly the same issue, wahoo HR strap doesn’t connect and trainer ( tacx neo) doesn’t respond to gradient. Power and cadence work so looks like back to ant+ and laptop for s bit.