HRM Advice Required

Hi All,
I am just building my setup. I have a Saris H3 and will be running Zwift on my Apple TV.
I have 2 questions really…
1st one, do I connect a HRM to the Saris and then that gives all the information to the ATV?
2nd one, what is the best HRM for use with this setup? I’m not after the most expensive one, just one that will work well with my setup.

Your HRM will connect directly to your ATV via Bluetooth. I have used the Wahoo Tickr HRM both on and off Zwift and with my ATV without any issues.
Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor

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I use the old Wahoo TickrX and the new Wahoo Tickr. Both working flawlessly for me (3y and nearly 1y). The TickrX offers a more than okay-ish cadence sensor for outdoor rides.