HRM recommendation needed :)


I realise there have been a couple of related posts, but I’d like to ask about a couple of specifics. Having got my new KICKR Snap up and running (and loving using it with Zwift), I was disappointed to find out that my Garmin Vivosmart HR watch isn’t compatible as a HRM. 

I’ve looked at the post here and am interested in the Scosche RHYTHM+ but have also seen good reviews for the Mio Link and also the more expensive Mio Alpha. 

I would be grateful for any comments on the relative merits of these for use with Zwift (and compatibility), or for any other recommendations. 

Many thanks in advance! 

Wahoo Tickr is very good and popular, it broadcasts in both ANT+ and BLE. After over 2 years of using one all I need to do is wash the strap and change the battery.

As Paul says, Wahoo Tickr Run and Wahoo Tickr X will provide both ANT+ and Bluetooth signals, for whichever system you might be running (e.g., PC or phone or tablet). And those two models would also give a cadence sensor if you ever wanted to use Zwift on foot/treadmill.

Just FYI, if you are using ANT on your computer running Zwift, then you should be able to use your Vivosmart HR for this using Broadcast mode.  See

If that doesn’t work for you, then DC Rainmaker just posted about a new Polar Bluetooth only HRM.  Looks very attractive, although he does like the Scosche too for its dual-protocol support.

Personally I’m using a Mio Fuse, which is similar to the Link just with a screen etc.

I just use it as pretty much a dumb HRM, connected via BT for Zwift… 

As you have a Wahoo Snap, stick with the brand Wahoo as mentioned above buy the Tickr X its dual ANT+ and BT.