HR data showing up for everyone during ride?

(Bill Verdon) #1

On my second ride…I see my HR data fine on the initial page when I log in…where it checks your sensors…but as soon as I start the ride no HR data…My Garmin shows it fine so I know that my sensor is working fine.

Any ideas?

(Matt Howey) #2

I use a Timex Ant sensor that came with my Timex cycletrainer and have not experienced any problems with it.

(Casey Schumm [X]) #3

I use a Garmin HR strap with no issues. HR data shows in Zwift and in the .fit file that I upload to strava.

(Matt Van Nus KISS (C)) #4

Mine never has worked, other than the initial pairing screen. It stays at 72 then eventually disappears altogether

(Bill Verdon) #5

I use a Mio Link that goes on my wrist…it is probably a range issue…will try a USB extension or my Garmin and see if that works

(Mark Jahns CIBA) #6

I had a somewhat similar issue. I have two profiles set up on my Garmin 800 and after switching to the other profile it came up.

(Jeff Unruh) #7

Same here - pairs fine but once in the game no data. Old school (rubber) garmin strap that works fine with Edge head unit and Trainer Road…