How to update Zwift Play Firmware?

I read the tutorial and turned off all other BT equipment.

Zwift Play decoupled from Zwift on PC.

Firmware 1.0 is installed on Zwift Play, Firmware 1.1 should be available, but isn‘t through Compangion App.

What to to?

Is something not working well with the current firmware? I wouldn’t update firmware unless it solves something that I think needs solving.

Steering sensitivity poor. Ride bomb by long pressing z not possible.

Ok, and the release notes for 1.1 address these issues?

I can’t link, so screenshots unfortunately. Are you getting to the screen in the CA that tells you that a firmware update is available?

this is the troubleshooting page if you haven’t seen this yet

Steering sensitivity, yes is addressed in firmware 1.1

Struggling to find the option to reboot zwift play within CA…

Dont find this option in ios or android.

You have to exit the game completely to update the firmware.

The companion app warns you of this.

As i wrote, pc is shut down (turned off all BT equipment)

You didn’t put that to be fair.

I think mine updated to 1.0.6 when i first turned them on.

Does long-pressing/press and hold the “Z” button on the controller do it?

Yes, long pressing z shuts down zwift play.

But no message for new firmware.

Here’s a screenshot from ZCA. I’m on 1.0.0

I think there may be a slight issue with naming conventions. They’ve probably tweaked the numbers to make 1.0.0 the launch version.

Please habe a look at the firmware 1.1.0 release notes from june 23

Zwift Play firmware version 1.1.0 (June 2023)

  • Charging LED behavior fixed during sleep mode transition.
  • Improved steering paddle sensitivity.
  • Added metrics to detect sensors drifting.
  • Manual calibration implementation.
  • Updated bootloader to allow recovery when firmware upgrade fails.
  • Bug fixes.

So I guess first question – can anyone confirm they received and have 1.1 installed?

No, it’s not been released just yet. Should be coming soon.

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On what version are your controllers currently?

Gang - our most sincere apologies for the confusion. We corrected the forum posts about firmware versions.

  • The latest firmware version for Play is v1.0.0.
  • Version v1.1.0 will be available June 20.

The issue with the Z button and Ride-ons is being worked on, and is separate from either 1.0.0 or 1.1.0 firmware versions. We’ll post an update on the Z button issue as soon as we’re able.


Thanks for clarification for both issues

We just rolled out a fix in the Zwift game client so that when you press and hold the Z-button, you’ll see the charging indicator over your avatar. This fix is specific to Mac and PC as other platforms were not affected.


has anyone updated the firmware yet?

Yep, straightforward process. And if it fails midway they don’t get bricked.