How to stop image upload

Hoping someone might be able to help me!

Using Zwift on a laptop with the companion app on an android phone. Zwift seems to upload loads of images which end up in my Google Photos and are also listed in my Adobe reader app. They’re things like the banners used to flag group rides etc, not photos of my ride.
I’ve tried setting upload to only photos I take but to no avail. Unsure if this is zwift or my phone?

Any advice appreciated. Thanks

I assume you’re seeing the new home screen? It sticks all those banner images into Documents/Zwift/Downloads/, so I assume Google Photos is seeing them and automatically syncing to the cloud. At a quick check, I have 145 images in there on my laptop.

Why they go into Documents and not the game/system files somewhere (like all the other assets) is beyond me. Just another daft thing that has been highlighted before.

You would need to exclude that folder from sync.

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That’s really helpful and makes sense, will give it a go. Cheers.

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