How to pair iWatch with Zwift

I have read the Zwift instructions for pairing my iWatch heart rate with Zwift on my iPad, I have watched YouTube videos, I have looked for other instructions. Nothing seems to work. I can’t get the heart rate to show up on my screen. The instructions are not clear, step by step, or correct. It doesn’t explain

  • What’s the role of ZC? and when to use in pairing the watch.
  • On the watch, do I select ZC or ZA to pair and does the watch have to stay aweke for how long? ZA closes also immediately on the watch. ZC stays open a little longer.
  • the detailed steps to pair. What to try if it doesn’t work.

I’m also trying to figure out the icon along the bottom in ZC, It looks elevation with lots of color but hard to tell. In addition, how to keep ZC open and how to navigate in it when riding. where to even look?

Zwift’s instructions remind me of really bad tech writing on so many applications. No details, no grasp that the person is new and might need more or is not a gamer, no starting tutorial of any substance. Frankly, I’m not happy with how hard it’s to get started and figure this out.

Do you mean Apple Watch? If so, I believe it has been noted that there are connectivity/reliability issues with using it with Zwift, so you may not be able to get it to work consistently.

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I used to use the Apple Watch for heart rate. In general it used to work reliably, but I sometimes had issue getting it connected at first.

How you get it connected depends on the devices you are running Zwift on. The way I ran it back then was I ran Zwift on an Apple TV (this method should be the same as if you are running Zwift on a pc) and used my iPhone (which is paired to my Apple Watch) for the companion app. You also then run the Zwift companion app on your watch. The Apple Watch should then show your heart rate and the Apple Watch should be available as a heart rate monitor on the device pairing screen on Zwift.

I’ve never done this, but I believe if you are running Zwift itself on your iPhone then you would run the Zwift app on your Apple Watch.

If you are running Zwift on an iPad I’ve no clue which one should work.

Also note that I thought I had seen Zwift was removing the Apple Watch apps from the store so if you have them installed on your watch then don’t remove them!

If you can’t get it working like this I have seen people install apps which run on the Apple Watch that will just make the Apple Watch appear as a Bluetooth heart rate monitor, but I’ve never tried this.

Incidentally I don’t use it anymore since my watch batteries don’t last for a long time so I bought a chest heart rate monitor and use that now.