How to get these zwift wheels

i’ve seen some wheels that i would like to have, but haven’t fouund them on the shop. maybe are from an event, but i don’t know what.
any idea?


Hard to answer this question without more clues.

When you’re editing a post or comment, this icon will let you attach a picture:

Screenshot 2024-01-03 at 10.50.37

now with pictures. i didn’t know how to put images. first time in the forum.

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Those look like the Zwift Supersonic wheels, they were an event unlock from Fun Is Fast in June/July 2021.
No idea if it’s possible to get them now.

thanks a lot for the answer Tom. so maybe it’s impossible to get them now, but at least i already know it.

kind regards.

What do you like about them and what level are you at? Maybe we can find you something else you would like.

When I was checking the garage in response to your question I noticed that the graphics on the Giant SLR 0 wheels react to the color slider when the frame supports it (such as the Canyon Aeroad 2021).

thank you Tom. i saw them a few months ago and again last week. it’s only the
appearance what i like of them. i suppose maybe are similar to zwift carbon 50, but very very beautiful in my opinion.
i have reached level 49, so i have wheels much more better than the supersonic, but i wanted to have them in my garages as well.
i’ll check the giant slr.