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I’ve just joined Zwift after two years with Bkool and while it is superior to Bkool I am having difficulty in navigating around. Can someone please explain where I can find the record of each ride i make? also, what is the significance of the coloured bike wheels and (what appears to be ) the screen on the front of the bikes?

Welcome to Zwift.

Your rides is on you can also link to Strava for more detail.

The colored bike wheels are the Zwift Consept “Tron” bike. You can unlock it if you do the Everest challenge and climb 50,000m

The screen in front of the riders show they are in workout mode.

Here are some sites with good info.


To add what Gerrie posted (Never mind, he updated his post or I missed it when he posted that info)

Your rides are here: (you can also find them on your device, but it can be a little different for each)

The colored wheels you see are on the Zwift Concept1 (ie the Tron bike), it takes a little bit of climbing to get that bike.

The screen in-front of someone just means they are in Workout Mode.

This link can be helpful also:

And Welcome to Zwift!

Ride On!

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Thank You everyone for your detailed replies.
Much appreciated.

I’m just watching the first national eChampionships on Sky. Amazing racing.


If you have any other question feel free to ask.

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I agree with all the above.
I would add, for navigation, I recommend you down load a program called Zwiftmap from the Zwift Hacks web site.

It allows you to place a map of the world your in on your screen.
You can adjust the background of that small map from opaque (just like looking at a reg map) to transparent(showing only the roads but not blocking the view of your ride).
You can also size the map and move it around to your preference.
Your current position is depicted by a dot on the map that moves as you ride.
It is very helpful in learning your way around.