How to find Triathletes on Tues High Intensity workout

I love doing the Triathletes on Tuesday High Intensity Group Workout. I’d like to do it on my own too when it is not an event.
I just can’t find it on the Workout list anywhere to select at my leisure.

60min Power Hour #1. has 5 sets of green/yellow 1min sets, 5 red 30sec sets, 5min ramp up 5min ramp down, then ends with 2 red spurts.

I’ve searched What’s on Zwift using different search parameters. Just not there.
Anyone know where it is on the Workout List?

I very rarely use group workouts but I suspect these workouts are not easily available through Zwift. They are likely created by an independent coach as outlined in the group workout summary and possibly only used during specific Triathletes on Tues group sessions.

Maybe you could contact AJ Baucco and see what arrangement you can agree with them.

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Can’t you just create this as a custom workout? It’s really easy to use the custom creator, probably won’t take you more than a few minutes, and you’ll have it saved to use whenever you want.

I doubt that individual workouts can be trademarked or copyighted or patented. Just reproduce it.


You’re probably correct Ian. I haven’t about thought it that way.

I think I may have to set it up as a custom ride. Thanks for the reminder

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I’m not a lawyer, but I would imagine you could copyright a workout. This wouldn’t prevent an individual from copying it and doing the workout, but would prevent them from selling it.

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There’s been at least one court ruling that a pattern of Yoga positions is not copyrightable, I doubt very much that something like patterns of running speeds would be different.

A video or presentation of that pattern of course would be eligible.