Triathlete specific workout plans

Would be great to see triathlete specific workout plans: sprint, olympic, HIM and IM! 

I took my training plan and created custom workouts within Zwift. My plan has all the bike sessions based on cadence and Zwift only does power based.

Can I use those? or is there a way to look at them

I paid for the plan so I don’t think giving them away is a good idea.

oh i see I thought you meant they were public. This is why i asked if they can put tri specific workouts like they do for cycling that are free. I wasn’t asking about using plans that were private.


Paul Allen - Just out of curiosity, did you take an existing IM plan and have a coach help adjust the bike workouts into Zwift or did you start net new?  My wife and I have a plan we purchased that works really well, i’m just looking to fine tune the bike workouts into custom zwift workouts.