How to enable Virtual Shifting after finishing a workout

Recently upgraded my kickr core to use virtual shifting and it’s great. I’m aware that I can’t use virtual shifting while in ERG mode, but I have a different use case. Whenever I finish a workout I like to ride a good 10-15 more minutes at various tempos. However even after the workout is complete, virtual shifting isn’t available. I need to end the ride and go into a new ride and then it works

Is there an option to enable virtual shifting when a workout is complete?

Hi @Daz_O_Connor_ZCD, you can turn virtual shifting on or off in the in-game settings. For more info check out this article.

Hiya, I know where to change it. It works fine if going into a route. What u want is to have it auto enabled after finishing a workout but still riding the same course without exiting first

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Is this just not possible?

sorry for the bump, but is this an option at all?