How to disable Bloom and Ambient Occlusion to enhance performance on new system

Hello. I just built the system below as dedicated system for this game and I am trying to squeeze more performance out of my setup by disabling Bloom and Ambient Occlusion. I can run the game on Ultra with a little intermittent stutter otherwise High resolution runs well will some visual degradation but better performance. I am open to other solutions as well. 

System Setup:

Intel I5 4690K Processor clocked at 3.5Ghz

ASROCK H97M Pro 4 LGA 1150 Motherboard

8GB Kingston Dual channel DDR3 RAM

EVGA GTX960 SC 2GB 1X DDHDP Video Card 

Intel 550 SSD 240GB Hard Drive

Western Digital 1TB HDD

Network Connection via Wireless N USB dongle with supported router for fiber optic 15MB upload/download internet connection speeds.(no downloading while in game and 2 active devices connected to Wifi on router (ipad and iphone)).

I display the game on a 42in LG LED television supporting 1080p


Thank you,

I have a similar setup but a GTX 950 instead. I run the 1080p resolution in-game.

I modified my high.txt graphics profile to this:

res 1280x720(0x) sres 512x512 aniso 4 set gSSAO=1 set gFXAA=1 set gFoliagePercent=0.6 set gLODBias=2

I also setup Adaptive V-Sync Half Refresh Rate for Zwift using the nVidia Control Panel. My 40" Sony XBR2 TV supports 1080p and 60 Hz. With Adaptive V-Sync Half Refresh Rate, I get a butter-smooth 30 FPS with no micro-stuttering, even during large groups rides with 600+ people online.

Now i’ve tried going with 1440p resolution and there are definitely fewer jaggies but I do get a bit of micro stuttering and the framerate pops below 30 FPS every now and then. So I run 1080p instead now because the micro-stuttering really bothers me.

I’ve also tried:

set gFoliagePercent=1.0

and again, with the GTX 950 and 1080p, its very consistently at 30 FPS, there’s more trees and foliage, and no micro-stuttering even with 600+ people online but I’ve noticed on a few longer rides (2.5+ hours) that the game starts to micro-stutter and a few times the framerate will drop just below 30 FPS.

I’m going to monitor this phenomenon some more. I’ve noticed that Zwift starts consuming a large amount of system resources over a long period of time. There could be a resource leak going on. I’ve only used Task Manager to check up on Threads, Handles, USER objects, and GDI objects. They seem to be slowly increasing.