How To Change FTP during workouts

(Jared Fayer) #1

So every time I log in to ride, I have to pick my profile, and have my power meters, etc search.

But when I rode for the first time, how is Zwift determining what my FTP should be and how many Watts I should be pushing out. The first part of the ride felt pretty difficult (which I liked), but I dont want to get drainer doing these workouts for too long.

Is there a way to customize this and I’m missing it?

Also, when I try to save my data, Zwift crashes. Any thoughts?

(Allan Watkins) #2

If you’re using an electronic trainer it adjusts things based on how the road should feel at the time for a 75kg rider. Your FTP is not taken into consideration just like it’s not out in the real world, rather a resistance curve based on road gradient / wind / weight / etc… Your FTP should only matter to you if doing an FTP % based workout which the current version of zwift doesn’t seem to be able to do. I am currently using my garmin to mark laps for wattage zones for the time being.

(Jared Fayer) #3


Ok, based on your answer which really helped so thank you. Is there any way to change the 75kg? I weigh less than that, so effectively using that 75kg gives me a harder workout (which I am not complaining about either)

but still wanted to check on things

(Allan Watkins) #4

Hi Jared,

They have a little talk going on about weight here to which I voiced a few concerns. It seems like they have a working solution coming soon.

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #5

If you look in DOCUMENTS/ZWIFT/ACTIVITIES you’ll probably find your data files despite any crash on exit.