How to access Climb Portal via France?

Hi all :slight_smile:

I have read about accessing climb portals via the homescreen or routing through France. I’d like to give the monthly climb a go, but it is only accessible via France if I understand correctly.

However, when I go to choose a route, I don’t have access to France. How do I make the world appear as an option? Do I have to ride a workout/event in France first to make it appear?


You can access the climb portal via Watopia which is permanently available.

You can use a world hack to access France but it’s the same climb as what’s available in Watopia.

That’s if your use a PC or Mac.

You can access France when it’s not a guest world in various ways. One way is doing a workout there, and then quickly skipping through all the workout blocks. Another way is to create a Meetup there (you just need to invite one Follower, and they don’t need to fo show up) and then just quit the Meetup and freeride.

This utility will do the config file edit for you:

I went direct to one of the climbs yesterday from the home screen and it dumped me in France

If you scroll down on the home screen, I think the bottom row of tiles (or the one above it) should have two options for climb portal. One of them will say France on it; that is the one with the climb of the month (which is currently Rocacorba).

Exactly what @Hans_Whipple said. There should be 2 tiles at the bottom of the home screen.