France World is Now Always Available?

It appears now that the France Portal is always in use since there are two climbs at a time, it seems that one can go ride around in France just by selecting the ride that starts at the France Climb portal. For example Ven-top start of segment is now about 5 easy miles after u-turning at the start of the Climb Portal. I have been able to do this once already, and plan to again. Am I missing something?

No, France isn’t really always available. The Climb Portal will let you get into it whenever you like but there have always been “world hacks”. One involved altering a settings file (PC/Mac only), and the common one available to everyone is to create a Meetup or Event with the world and route you want, join your own even and ride.

What you’ve described (starting at the France Climb Portal) won’t let you claim route badges - a route has to be selected from the start screen or event/Meetup settings.

Hi @Gary_Zimmerman and welcome to the forum!

You’re right, France is always available - as are all the Zwift worlds; well done on discovering your first “world hack!” Here are a couple of links showing how you can get into any world any time you want:

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