Climb portal always available?

Good evening all,

I’ve tried searching but can’t find a specific answer to my question.

Is climb portal always available 24/7? Or is it unlocked randomly depending on colander rotation? I have never seen it on my ‘Just ride’ section of my home screen and have never come across it in game for a turn off. I’m super keen to try it.


Yes, it should be always available from the home screen. It’s just that the climbs vary depending on the date.

Last time I looked, I think it was “Old Honda” and “Wallunga Hill” available.

Bottom left of home screen.

Thanks guys, everywhere Ive looked online it shows in the just ride area. However mine is as follows, nothing there for the climb portal.
Just tried a fresh install and same thing, cant access it.

that’s strange, I just confirmed it should be there at the bottom in the just ride section… can you confirm what version of Zwift you are running? 1.56 or 1.57 is the most recent update this week.

I just updated my mobile app and the climb portal appears on android but not my desktop windows pc.

Weird as, version is 1.56.0(124332). I also have a weird bug that the calender shows all the same schedule for the whole month of Jan.

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did you delete all the zwift folders in documents too?

You should also be able to select the routes from the world’s menu. Click on the globe (from the icons in the top left corner) and in watopia there is a route that starts with climb portal.