How long to downgrade category?

Hi, I was upgraded from C to B (only just on 3.2 w/kg) on 3rd November 2020. I didn’t race again after that for the rest of the year - I then had an ankle operation quckly followed by a Covid infection mid December. I am now slowly recovering from both, and I tried my first race again on the 10th of January - as expected I came in at low C level although I had to compete as a B. How long before I am recategorised as a C? I am not expecting to be back at B level for a couple of months. Is it 90 days after 3rd of November? Thanks.

If I’m not mistaken Zwiftpower takes the average of your three best “95% of 20m” activities set within the last 90 days so your three best since 20 November. As you have not done any activities since 3 November, I would assume that your category will get nullified by 3 February.

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Liam is correct Zwift power take the average of you best 3 in the last 3 months (90 days)


If my calculation is correct you will be a C cat by 27January. I say this because your best was 10/27/20 and if you discard that one your average will be below 3.2w/kg.

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Hey Ian, glad to hear you’re recovering well!

The information here is correct on both counts.

There are also two things we can do for you on our side:

  1. If you believe that one race in particular caused your category to incorrectly upgrade (miscalibrated trainer, or something similar) we can annul that result and make sure your category is correct afterward.
  2. We can apply a “trainer upgrade” to your account which will take all results from before a certain date and negate them, then allow any events from that date forward to be counted in your overall category calculation. Think of it as a “reset” of sorts.

In either case, write into us at and we’ll get you sorted!


Yesterday I would have said ask Sticky if you can have a fresh start due to injury/illness on the ZwiftPower forums.

Not sure now.