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My Zwift Power ‘Minimum Category’ is currently set at A+. I have a new trainer and my new FTP places me in the B category. I’d like to do a WTRL TTT on Thursday as a B, but I will be DQ’d.

Can my ‘Minimum Category’ be reset to B (instead of A+)? If so, how do I do this?

Thanks in advance!

Terry Wallner
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How long do I have to go, or how many races under the 2.5 wkg for D, before I am put down from C.

ive had injuries and holidays , and can’t get anywhere near my previous + 2.5 rides. ie 2.7 max.

Riding in Cs I just get dropped from the pack and end up riding on my own and getting slower.

I s this built into the program ?


Hi @mark_fitton

Zwift power use the average of he best 3 races in the last 90 days.

Or you can send a email to Zwift see instructions above.

hi Gerri , I know all that thanks, my question was slightly different.

Hi Mark, Gerrie answered your question I believe. What is ‘built in’ is that ZwiftPower uses the average of your best 3 races over the last 90 days. So until your average for 90 days drops, you’ll stay in the category that you currently have. Depending on what your current average is this could take less than 90 days, or 90 days total.

Or you can email as Gerrie suggested.

thanks Kat , that’s what im asking… so if I don’t have 3x 2.5 and over in 90 days , or my 90 day average drops below 2.5 then I would be dropped back down to Ds ?

im not interested in mailing in, I want to know how, or even if… you can get dropped.

To be honest, im sure my 90 day average is below 2.5 though.

thanks for the reply Kat.

your 90 day average for the best 3 races is 2.54w/kg


These are the 3 races that was used.


The highest one is the oldest 3/28/21 so that means that 90 days later would be June 26, 2021.

So the average will go down around the 26th. It look like you will be under 2.5w/kg then.


Hi Gerrie, thanks for that, and the explanation.

That would be great if the program automatically does it.

Not long until the 28th then , I can’t get past 2.3 at the moment.

Thanks Gerrie.

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When you hover over the Category icon it says “mixed 30 day category” but in practice and as you mention here it seems 90 days is the actual period. Is this an error on the tag(?) and it’s meant to be 90 days?

Actually, the correct answer is you are an injured cat C and should not be racing.
Group rides and easy work outs and rest.

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