Coming back after serious injury gets you "UPG" in races

I broke my hip/upperleg and I am in rehab since 2 months I was B-cat but now I can just hold on to C. But in C-races I get “UPG” and not qualified … probably bec the software sees me as a B-cat rider. This is very annoying as my rehab will last for at least 5 months until I am back in B.
Can this be solved pls?

Zwiftpower will eventually catch up to your lower performance, it takes the best results from the last 90 days. Or I think you can email and ask them to reset your account.

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As Mike says, drop an email to and your category can be reset. This can be done for both injuries and if you have a new trainer.

Thnx I will !!

Thnx I heard that vai an email I will get demoted to C. ASo I am happy. I dont wanna wait 90 days…

In the meantime they informed me that this reset will delete all previous results (sic!) That I dont want as I hope to get back at that level and wanne see thise old results as reference.

Zwiftpower now shows you as a C (almost B), so you are all set and don’t need to reset everything.

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