Catagory reset?

I sustain a reasonable injury 6 weeks ago that resulted in me not only not being able to train, but also some significant weight gain. I now struggle to hold any B cat event. What can i do to get my catagory reviewed or reset as i believe i am at best an average C now

I’d advise just doing your best at the level you’re currently at. Eventually you’ll be downgraded if you’re not able to compete at that category but i don’t think you can be downgraded given the circumstances you’ve offered.

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Sorry to hear about your injury. As mentioned above I don’t think there is anything Zwift will do to lower your race category. I think it is now a case of waiting for your previous best ‘B Cat’ rides to automatically fall out of the 90day window, I estimate that might be around middle of August. Check out your profile on and that will let you know your zFTP, zMAP and give you dates of when you last hit your power PBs within last 90 days.

[ Not helpful information !! - I’m no expert on recovery and rehabilitation from injury but I suspect doing 6 x WTRL Team Time trials on 13th July is not helping your recovery ]

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8th July - 315w average in ITT
9th July - 295w average in race
13th July - 285w average in TTT

And you want to be categorised as a C?

You had 3 weeks off at the beginning of June. Did you eat for the whole 3 weeks to suffer ‘significant weight gain’

Not cool Tom…Not cool.


That injury didn’t stop you 10 days ago from doing 8x WTRL TTT in 24hours.

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If you’re injured, then you don’t race.

I don’t see why people who are smart enough and affluent enough to spend thousands of dollars on cycling and specifically, indoor cycling yet are clueless about caring for themselves … or coming onto the forums and whining for special treatment.

Welcome to the forum, Tom :grin: