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Hello, I would like you to please assign me to category C in zwiftpower, which is the one that corresponds to me, instead of B, which is the one that marks my profile. I have suffered an illness these months and my potency has decreased a lot. Thank you

Send an email to with a link to your Zwiftpower profile, and fully explain what’s happened.

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OK, thanks :slight_smile:

I hope that as a community, we encourage people not to make this request.

  1. You have been ill and I hope you recover.
    For now, you are a sick or injured cat B rider.
  2. Not every rider on Zwift can expect to be competitive for a podium spot.
    This is especially true for sick and injured riders.
  3. You can remain a cat B rider and ride with the C’s or D’s.
    If you don’t recover, the system will adjust your cat.

This whole idea of injured or recovery rides dropping down in cat is flawed and should be discouraged.
You can do workouts and not race.
Again, I hope you recover and I’m not accusing you of cheating but the system needs to encourage realistic expectations.


If « promotions » to a higher category were transparent and consistent with what other riders produce, I don’t think anybody would mind waiting a little bit. However, there are some serious problems with the way top C riders and weaker cat B riders are handled. Looking at the Zwift games results makes it very clear.