Is it possible to go down a category?

So, if you’ve not been training for a while or appear to be going forwards less fast than before and your w/kg appears to be consistently lower than it used to be, can you go down a category?..please (asking for a friend)

Your friend can wait 90 days and his category will be recalculated automatically.
You should also tell your friend not To expect to expect to be on the podium very much just like IRL.
And, cyclists that really understand the sport never ask this question.
It is clearly a noob move.

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Yes. In Zwiftpower it’s based on your (asking for a friend :smirk:) three best 20-minute results that you had in the last 90 days.

Either be patient and keep checking your profile in Zwiftpower and it will happen eventually. Otherwise, if you are sure that you are performing much lower, you can request a reset by emailing the Zwiftpower folks with your details.

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Cheers both…

Haha, my mate never troubled the podium IRL or virtually! Actually looked at his profile after todays dismal performance and noticed back down to C which will be a relief for me…er him.

Dont go out and put in another nailed on performance to celebrate and get promoted back up again straight away :rofl:

Haha, oddly enough virtual reality imitating real life, back in the day I used to yo-yo between categories. Consistency obviously not a strong point!