How is this guy a C on ZP?

Hey folks. This guy is a C with a 3.62 average. He’s gotten a gold in nearly every race he’s done this year. Is he a C because he’s only 51 kg? I know there are some exceptions for women and kids, but wasn’t aware of any for veteran men. Quite possible I just don’t fully understand the system. Thanks!

Two requirements have to be satisfied to auto-move up Cat’s as shown below. He is a lightweight so dont race him up hills :wink:


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Thank you! Yup, that’s where I got dropped. On that final hill. :wink: I weigh nearly twice as much as he does. Lol.

lol. They arent so good on flats though!

Watch out for the kids - they weigh even less and scoot around like world tour pro’s

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He’s a lightweight so on flat roads he will struggle badly. Ask me how I know that… :wink:

On hills at least we can take our revenge. :slight_smile:

He’s not got a massive power output either, but to be fair he is 8kg lighter than me! Those less kilograms help uphill.

Kids when they start getting a bit older and more powerful are very fast.