How is performance on the 2018 iPad?

Just wondering how are peoples experiences with the current “budget” 2018 ipad which can be had for a decent price.

You should be find. I have run Zwift on an iPad mini 2 without issue.

I took a look at the new hardware specifications on the 2018 model of the iPad.

Even on the budget rendition, performance should be fine. I can’t guarantee it’ll support an ultra graphics profile, but frame rate and graphics quality should be nice. I don’t have personal experience using the newest version of the iPad, though - so maybe some of our other members who already have newer models of iPads running Zwift can attest to game performance first-hand.

Good to know, it may drive my decision to buy an Ipad if I want to use Zwift in a gym with wifi.

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That’s what I’m using for running sessions in Zwift and it works fine.

how to use zwift on ipad if does not appear the ant + but only bluetooth option?


You can use NPE CABLE to bridge the ANT+ signal to the iPad or use duel band devices.

mas você tem algum pedômetro de banda dupla? Eu não encontrei nenhum.

Eu moro no Brasil e aqui é difícil comprar a NPE Cable. se eu achasse que o podômetro do bluetooth seria muito bom