How is Kickr reviewed to highly and well with so many debilitating issues and breakdowns?

I used to trust DC Rainmaker until purchasing a Kickr. Out of the box the 105 cassette was not wanting to work with my DA9100 groups at all. Chain is new. Eventually I swapped the 105 cassette for a spare DA cassette and that helped mostly.

The next issue was occurring before and after cassette swap.

Power won’t show up until fully spun up and doesn’t get much higher than 54.
In Ergo mode it will eventually read the assigned power regardless of how much power I’m actually laying down. (4iiii power meter will read 500 while the kickr reads 134)

I did a full Spin Down process twice on both the iOS app and TrainerRoad Laptop App.

IF, and that is a big “if”, everything worked as it should, the thing sounded like it would have been great but I’m quickly finding out that my experience is not a one off experience but rather the norm for people to have a laundry list of issues with these things. Of course I first got it to setup on a Friday night and their support won’t be back until Monday leaving me 3 days of down pouring outside rain and a broken trainer.

CycleOps Fluid 2 trainer was $100 and a WAY better experience.

Sorry you are having issues. I have been using a Kickr Core for about 5 months now, and it has been flawless. Not a single issue.

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