How do you specify w/kg in a workout?


As the title suggests, I’m trying to see if there’s a way to specify w/kg in a workout.

I know how to do the percentage of FTP, but can’t see a way to specify the w/kg.
For percentage of FTP, it’s the standard Power=“0.64” or whatever, and there is (I believe) a way to over-ride the ftp and give a watts based approach (never tried it, but seen it specified), but unfortunately that won’t work for what i’m after due to the weight/height calculation piece.

Soooo - does anyone know how to specify w/kg in a workout?


Hi @PhilBanks, I’m not sure this is the answer you are looking for, but all workouts are based off your FTP in the game. You can manually adjust the FTP in the workout menu.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I know as standard they’re based around your FTP, but you can override that and state absolute watts (so, for example, everyone doing the workout has to do 200W…the issue there is for some that might mean 2w/kg, others it might mean 4w/kg)…so I’m trying to see if there’s a sneaky way to get around that.

Fingers crossed it’s do-able and I’m just missing the sneakiness…


Oh, I’m not sure. Maybe if you create your own workout within Zwift? I don’t know, never use that feature/tool.

I bet @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ can help

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I just played with the workout creator tool, and you can specify watts rather than % of FTP. I believe this is only an option for custom created workouts, not the pre-loaded workouts.


For a Fixed power you will do something like this.

Fixed power workout
This intervals in this workout will have the same target power, regardless of the FTP of the rider.

  <!-- [...] -->
    <!-- 50W - 150W -->
    <Warmup Duration="30" PowerLow="0.5" PowerHigh="1.5"/>
    <!-- 200W -->
    <SteadyState Duration="30" Power="200"/>
    <!-- 100W - 25W -->
    <Cooldown Duration="30" PowerLow="1" PowerHigh="0.25"/>

I did not test this.

Thanks so much for replying Gerrie.

That type of FTP override does appear to work, but it’s not quite what I’m after. What you’ve described there gives a power output in Watts, and I’m after w/kg. (That way everyone is giving the same w/kg regardless of weight or FTP).

Any ideas?

I don’t know if it can be done by the way, just hoping it can :slightly_smiling_face:

And a separate question as I’m thinking you’re a man who might also be considered a guru :wink:… Do you know if you can have text messages pre timed on a standard group ride (a bit like textevent in workouts… But not in a workout)…I don’t think it’s possible, but your never know if you don’t ask! :grimacing:


I don’t think you can do w/kg workouts I could not find anything in that regard.

Im interested in what you are planning to do. :sunglasses:

For timed messages you could write a script to do that let me find an example of what i did, it was not timed but I should be possible.

Found it: Chat with preconfigured messages – ZwiftHacks

For starters you can use a key to display the messages in order.

oooh - thanks for the link Gerrie. I run Zwift on a mac so I’ll try and work out if there’s something similar for that OS :slight_smile: (I currently use keyboard shortcuts on my phone (as allowing text substitutions doesn’t seem to be an option in zwift) but with hectic workouts, sweat dropping on keyboards and phone screens, it’s easy to press the wrong keys or miss a call.)

I think I’m coming to the same conclusion that you can’t do workouts at a target w/kg either…sugar!

My reason for wanting to do it this way is for group workouts. I do like the FTP based stuff where everyone sits together, yet I also wanted a way for people training to push themselves to a certain category level. The step up from that is having timed messages in a group setting, so the draft is available; then you can work more on race craft (for example, certain weeks could be more about drafting and understanding when to hold back for certain people… without needing to adjust anything on their side).

Basically, I’m trying to replicate outdoors training in the virtual world…as outside is scary and has monsters and stuff :wink:

Thanks again…I’ll keep digging and hopefully find something :slight_smile:

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