W/Kg should be replaced with % of FTP

W/kg is not a correct way to display how much a rider have to work to keep the pace. % of the riders FTP is.

What does 2.7w/kg say me about a rider, not much, but 110% of FTP says a lot.


I agree that percent FTP is more useful, but I’m not so sure that enough people are aware of their threshold power figure to make this possible.  In the past week I’m sure a lot more people have become more aware of FTP and its significance but even then a surprising amount of debate goes into the veracity of this calculated value.

You might find more people in the training races to have reliable FTP values and understand the significant difference between riding at 75 or 90% of FTP.  By the same token people in a race simulation may prefer to not broadcast that they have been pushed at 110% for five minutes and they are ripe to be dropped on the next hill.

The final reason showing % FTP may be problematic is it really does highlight the differences between people.  It can be a little irritating to be pegging an interval at 100% and have someone pass you doing their 75% effort.  Not meaning to back-door brag here, but I say this as the person who routinely rides tempo passing a lot of people.  I can envision a bit of irritation (and requisite questioning of people’s real stats) when unusually fit people have this value shown regularly.

I could see cases where Zwift might add % FTP to the display but w/kg is pretty accessible to everyone and it is a pretty useful level playing field figure.

(None of what I write about this is official in any way… just another rider perspective)

how about simply the speed of other riders so you can keep pace?

output more/less power to go the same speed to keep pace.

**w/kg is a number to tell how hard a rider goes, but it relay do not say any thing.  100kg vs 60kg @ 2,5w/kg = not the same thing.
so if to show a number of how hard everyone goes then % of ftp is a much more correct number.

Michael, yes speed would work good to make it easier to ride together.
100kg vs 60kg @ 30km/h = same thing, as You say, like in irl.

Duane, Not everyone is afraid to show how hard they work to keep a pace. and there is a  fact of life that almost everyone have people better trained then them self, nothing to be afraid of.**